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Art Show Poetry: Michelle Nye

Corporate Art Coordinator, SFMOMA Artists Gallery
Last Call Art Show Co-Curator

Blue Fridge (Bound)
It became necessary
to lay flat my need for you
making due with politely cold edges
dressed up in electric blues
I forgot your subtleties
and feigned forgiveness
closing heavy doors on you

Our woolly touches
and pointed gesticulations
once roaming loose and expansive
are sealed over, painted shut
inclinations are leveled
and movements bound
In this ever shrinking room

Michelle Nye, Blue Fridge (Bound)

Its girth impossible, unassailable
knocks my knees black blue
its persistence formidable
bruises my elbows yellow
stumbling and tripping
I chafe at the effort required
to contain the idea of you

So I will crack a window
and succumb to an insistent inhalation
the tentative fingers of surrender
expose the tracks of the hasty retreat
finding the kicked up dust
of our last knock down crash
settled around the edges of this room

Exhaling into corners and under debris
I will force open this stale structure
prying apart cold shoulders
kicking out locked knees
this lumbering molehill
shuffling, shifting and set upright
will get out of my way
all in order to let go of you