Five Questions: Megan Leppla

Art Maker & Educator

If you could use any special or rare material in your work, what would it be?
I love working with natural materials, but natural usually means ephemeral. I guess it would be nice to find something naturally sourced and archival.

Do you ask anyone to give you feedback on a work in progress? If so, why did you choose that person/people?
I value critical feedback, but since leaving an academic environment I haven’t had many opportunities to share works in progress with peers.

What is the longest amount of time you have ever spent creating one work? What is the least?
I tend to work pretty quick, and often fear I’ll overwork a piece if I go on for longer than a few weeks.

Megan Leppla, Blue Booted Bike

Do you have a funny or unusual technique?
I don’t think so, but other’s might disagree.

What do you do to get over blocks to creativity?
Working as an arts educator has been a great inspiration for me. I find that my students are constantly challenging me, and allowing me to see past creativity blocks.


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