Five Questions Gina Contreras

What is your occupation?
I work part time in the Museum Store and on-call in the Koret Visitor Education Center at SFMOMA.

What’s your favorite tool? Why?
My favorite tool is a pencil. Writing down ideas and sketching.

How many breaks do you take when you’re working on a piece? What do you do on your breaks?
When I am painting, I like to relax and I usually have my TV on in the background which means I take breaks to catch up on my favorite shows.
When I screen-print I don’t like to take many breaks. For the most part I stay in it for the long haul, mainly because I don’t want my screens to dry.

Have you ever accidentally ruined one of your works by dropping/spilling/ripping?
We all have our moments of carelessness, but I usually try to have “clean hands” when I’m working.

It’s Okay it’s Better this Way, Gina Contreras

What is the most surprising or unusual aspect of your process?
The most surprising aspect of my process is that I start off with a title and then I work from there.

Has working at SFMOMA influenced your work in any way?
I think it does influence my work, not in a lot of ways but in the little things that happen throughout the work day. Such as, interactions with people and observing the awkward things tourist do and say.


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